Garden Fencing is usually used to create a nice and neat boundary between you and your neighbours, but well-chosen and well-built fencing can offer so much more in both form and functionality.

A well-chosen and installed fence can complement the look of your garden and property. Integrated into the overall design of your garden, the right fence can be used to screen off some sections or to accent areas you wish to highlight. Low level fences can protect your flowers or vegetable plots from pets and pests, whereas something higher can offer some subtle seclusion or complete privacy.

Depending on your need and budget, we have a wide range of fencing styles and materials for you to choose from. Whether you want the simplicity of wood, the versatility of vinyl or plastic, or the robust elegance of wrought iron, we can supply and install the right option for you. Chain link, coloured aluminium, bamboo, or a simple picket fence – whatever your choice, our expert team will fit the right fence for you.